U-factory How U Disk Function


U-factory NETAC is as far as I know with "thumb drive" patent, u disk factories but not with USB or USB Flash memory patents. "Micro" are registered trademarks of Sony a reason. As long as the other vendors do not have "USB flash drive" is the name, would not have to pay the NETAC. NETAC flash drive is still fire when I first became popular, objective that NETAC quality is OK, I now have a NETAC USB 32M State actions, but NETAC prices are more expensive, then no competitiveness. No matter what the industry, ultimate enterprise need scale to reduce cost ROM USB drive survive, restricted to independent clients do not duplicate services, his examples are just garbage, stick floor tiles; such enterprises and may even keep up a high-level managerial personnel, that is known as the "small is beautiful" of the enterprise. Fuck this expertise know Silicon answer before the group arrived on the scene. The question essentially is volatile memory (Volatile Memory) and the principle differences between the non-volatile memory. General principles of nonvolatile memory is relatively simple, non-volatile principles of diversity. OK questions owners ask the Flash, I have lazy good only a Flash. Nonvolatile memory is currently the most widely used of the two is a static (Static) and dynamic (Dynamic) random-access memory (Random Access Memory), common abbreviation for SRAM and DRAM, respectively. Easy to see that the principle of DRAM is called lossy reads: when he reads and capacitor inside, consumes capacitor power; if the capacitor in the power, input of residual charge into the capacitor. DRAM read more times inside power will tend to value information is not clear. U-factory control circuit for capacitor periodic refresh is needed at this time, drew him back to the respective high and low level. DRAM called "dynamic", refers to this need for refresh.
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