As duas unidades flash USB mais populares em 2021

1. The mini metal usb drive is small and compact, only 4cm long, the shell is made of metal material, which protects the chip very well. The interface uses usb3.0 and the built-in A-level chip, which greatly improves the transmission rate, from 64bm to 256gb The memory capacity can be selected to meet most of the work needs. It is often used for promotion and business cooperation occasions, and also used for office work. It is the most popular USB flash drive.

2. Spin Custom USB Stick, 6 cm in length, is the same as the mini USB Stick, it is a class A chip, usb3.0 configuration, a variety of memory to choose from, the only difference is the appearance design, this one uses the rotation Setting, the interface can be protected when not in use, and there are many colors to choose from, which are mostly used for promotion and office