Tourists who travel frequently and take airplanes should know that electronic products will go through strict security checks when taking public transportation, especially when taking airplanes. There are strict restrictions on many electronic products, or they can only be carried out. If you take it with you, you can only check in your luggage, or even some electronic products are not allowed on the plane.

So some people are more curious, if it is a USB flash drive, can you take it on the plane?

According to the types of items, the USB flash drive does not belong to any kind of prohibited goods, and the USB flash drive does not contain special ingredients such as lithium batteries, which will not affect the safety of other tourists, and there is no risk of explosion, so this type of volume is relatively small. The items are still very safe to carry, and generally you can take them on the plane.

Under normal circumstances, passengers can choose to carry such small items with them. If they don’t want to carry them with them, they can also be properly placed in the suitcase for check-in. They are all in compliance with transportation regulations. Have you ever brought a USB flash drive when you took a plane?