What are the classifications of USB flash drives?

1. According to the material of the USB flash drive, it can be divided into metal USB flash drives, plastic USB flash drives, soft rubber USB flash drives, leather USB flash drives, wooden USB flash drives, jewelry USB flash drives, etc. These are mainly due to the material used in the shell of the USB flash drive itself.

2. According to the U disk capacity, it is 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, etc. This is relatively simple.

3. According to the brand, it is divided according to the products of the major manufacturers. What Kingston, Patriot, Netac, Apacer, PNY, etc. For this classification, people in the USB flash drive industry may be more aware. Because for many manufacturers, USB flash drives are just a branch of their subordinate businesses. People who don’t know its parent company probably don’t know its U disk products.

4. U disks can also be classified according to their actual uses, such as gift USB flash drives, advertising USB flash drives, business USB flash drives, etc. This classification is subject to its actual use.

5 Divided from the structure of the u disk, finally u disk can also be divided into ordinary u disk and black colloidal u disk. The black colloidal USB flash drive is composed of encapsulated black colloid and a shell. Ordinary U disk is composed of shell, chip, crystal oscillator, etc.