What should I do if the USB flash drive is broken?

  Everyone is familiar with the flash drive, and it is often used in work. However, due to improper use or other reasons, after the flash drive is inserted into the computer, click on the disk and it will appear “file or directory is damaged and unreadable.” “Prompt, and the disk cannot be opened at all.

How to solve this time? In fact, pen drive damage can be divided into hardware problems and software problems. Hardware problems need to be dealt with by a professional repair point. Software problems can be solved by ourselves!

Repair method one:

1. First, we first insert the usb stick into the computer, and then press the shortcut key [win+R], and then a run box will pop up in the lower right corner of the desktop, we enter [cmd] in it, and click OK.

2. Then the computer will pop up a new window, we enter [chkdsk H:/R] after the [administrator], where “H” represents the drive letter of the U disk, after confirming that the input is correct, we press Enter .

3. Next, the computer will automatically repair the damaged usb stick, we just need to wait patiently. (If there are more files in the USB flash drive, the repair time will also be extended.) When the message [Windows has corrected the file system] appears in the prompt box, it means that the USB flash drive has been repaired successfully.

Repair method two:

1. If the usb stick cannot be opened in the computer, then we can enter the disk, click [Computer Management], then select [Disk Management], after opening, select [Change Drive Letter and Path] to repair the fault.

2. In the change button below, a “Assign the following drive letter” will pop up. Set the original D to the F button at the blue button on the right. Finally, repair the U disk.

The above are the two methods of usb stick repair. Finally, remember that after the repair is completed, you can not pull out the usb stick directly, but choose to eject it safely. Develop this good habit, you can extend the life of the U disk! After reading it, please like it, we will see you in the next issue~


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