1. Wooden wireless charging, the shell is maple/walnut/bamboo, built-in 5W/7.5W/10W frequency conversion charging, suitable for home and office, it is also a good choice for gifts, and it can also charge headphones.

2. Double wooden wireless charger
It is a good choice for home office to charge two mobile phones at the same time, or to charge headphones at the same time. It has a beautiful appearance and can be customized with gift box packaging.

3. Pen holder wireless charging
The wireless charging pen holder is a good choice for office work. It can free up more space for your desk. It is quite convenient to place pens and other office utensils while serving as a charger.

4. Mouse pad wireless charging
The same principle is used in the wireless charging of the mouse pad to make the desktop more tidy. The mouse pad is supported by a bracket, and the mobile phone can be charged while working to improve your efficiency.